Dave Perkal


A busy television/film cinematographer and commercial director, Dave Perkal, ASC, has an innate understanding of script and story and an advanced technical knowledge that makes even the most challenging creative come to life. “Wait. I was told there would be no math…” 

Dave has directed spots for LG, Google, Sprint, Jolly Time Popcorn and various health care companies.

Dave’s talent for fast-paced camera work has made him the go-to DP for series such as Castle, Wicked City, Entourage - (“Yes, LA’s really like that”), The Vampire Diaries, Chuck, Heroes and Scrubs. Perkal’s feature credits include Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control and Preacher’s Kid. 

Dave has a BS in TV/Film from San Diego State University with a graduate degree in Cinematography from the American Film Institute. He travels the world with a camera, roaming as far as Italy, Ireland, England, Switzerland, Mexico and Indonesia. Dave spends much of his spare time shoeless; he is a surfer and scuba diver, a sailboat racer and mountain biker (wears shoes if forced), as well as an underwater photographer and a still photographer.

Dave brings the fun with him and takes it when he leaves - so you’ll want to leave before him at wrap. “Make sure you add a side note that the height measurement line at the Bark Condo is bogus. Make it clear that Dave is taller than Bean.*

*Bark Productions neither confirms nor denies this claim.

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